Author Topic: My First Spincast - Johnson 100B - Thanks Skip  (Read 288 times)


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My First Spincast - Johnson 100B - Thanks Skip
« on: April 06, 2017, 11:16:43 PM »
Thank you Skip for my first Johnson reel. Skip remembered a few months back that I wrote that I had never owned or tried a spincast reel, and if I come across a Johnson reel at a reasonable price, I would buy one.

Skip wrote me last week and asked if I wanted a Johnson 100B. If so, he would take it apart, clean and oil the reel, and mail it to me. I answered yes right away. Skip took the reel apart, clean, oiled the reel, tested it and mailed it to me. When I received the reel, I was pleased at how clean and smooth the reel was. It was loaded with new 6 lbs test line, just what I use for trout and stripers. Everything worked on the reel.

I took the reel out to try it out today. I was mazed how smoothly the reel was and how easy it was to cast. I had a very small sinker on the line, but it cast further than expected. I have owned many direct drive reels, and none performed like the Johnson.

I couldn’t decide on the rod to go with this reel. I have several pistol grip 5 1/2′ medium rods to pick from. First choice was a Fenwick Eagle rod. Then I changed to a 5 1/2′ Berkley Cherrywood medium action rod because of the longer handle.

I put a nightcrawler on the hook and casted out. Soon I had a fish on the line, a striper.

Now I understand why all of you are crazy about Johnson reels. Will try it out on trout on the next outing.

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