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Interesting 110B reel
« on: March 02, 2017, 01:33:40 PM »
I just got an unusual 110B. It seems to be a cross between an early and a later 110B but not sure. First thing to notice is the front cover contains both ribs and the carved white ring. We know that early 110Bs had ribs from looking at boxes and owner papers ( I attached box and papers showing that) and the later 110B reels had the carved white ring (no boxes or papers but just owned examples). This is the first one I have seen with a cover with both ribs and a carved ring. Another difference on this reel is that the frame is shiny black rather than matte black like on a couple of later 110B versions I have. However for some reason in the past on the flat back side of the frame, flat/matte black paint was applied by someone. I asked the seller if they had obtained it that way and they indicated they bought it that way several years ago. I can’t image why someone would paint just a portion of the frame matte black and leave the leg, foot and gear casing still shiny. One last interesting thing to me was in looking at the inside of the frame portion that faces front, you can see two stampings.  The number “2” and an outline of the State of Minnesota with what I would describe as the letter “T” on top of the letter ”C” inside the outline. You can see them in the pic with the reel apart. I certainly do not know what the stamping means but have never noticed stampings in reels I have taken apart before. However I did find this same stamping on a later 110B I took apart to see if it was there. A 110B gray frame I just looked at has the number "1" and what appears to be a teepee (?) stamped inside it.
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