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Model 10A reel and parts pictures
« on: February 11, 2017, 02:10:53 PM »
Here are pictures of two Model 10A reels showing several differences between the two as well as their parts. The first pic shows the backside. While I don't know for sure, I really think the one on the right in this and in each of the following pictures is the earlier produced one and I will point out why I think that. In this pic, you can see the right push button has no slot while the one on the left does have which is consistent with later Sidewinder models. Also the handles are different. The left one matching later produced reels and the right reminiscent to me of bait casting reel knobs. In the second picture you can better see the difference in the handle knob profiles. I could not get the bearing nut off of the left one on the back and did not want to force it so that is why the spool is still inside it. Some differences here are the change in the drive shaft from stainless steel on the right one to brass on the left one. Also on the Model 20 and some later Sidewinder reels Johnson used a friction washer which had tabs at 90 degrees which a tab on the rotor fit between to keep the spool from just being free spinning. On the 10A you can see before they switched to a friction washer they used a wire to create that friction. A 90 degree bend on it fit out through a hole on the rotor which you will see later. The third pic shows the backside. You can see on the left reel that I couldn't break the nut loose on, how the bearing was attached to the reel case outside on the back of the case. The fourth pic shows that the drag system is consistent with the Model 20 and I believe 40 reels. You also can see that there is a round vent hole at the bottom of the casing. The fifth picture shows what was behind the drag shoe. It was a round plastic disc piece with washers on either side of the hole. I don't know its purpose but the plastic was not continued on later models that I could see either by looking at actual reels or schematics. Also with subsequent models, it appears Johnson switched to attaching the shaft bearing with a nut on the inside rather than with a nut on the backside of the Model 10A case. The sixth picture shows the difference in the rubber knob on the face of the rotor. The right one is not as cone like as the one on the left. I believe the cone shaped one probably did a better job on line retrieval. The next pic shows a side view also indicating the profile difference in the rubber knob and also shows the rotor mounted on the reel with the friction wire sticking out the hole in the rotor. The last picture shows what I think is the earlier 10A version along with a box and owner paper. You cans see the reel matches the box and paper in looks. To me it is also interesting that the box and owner papers do not contain or refer to a Model number. Later reel boxes and papers from the Model 20 on did include the model number. The final attachment is the Model 10A owner papers. Just a note here in that if you closely look at the push button on the reel in the owner paper you will not see a slot which matches the  slotless push button right reel in the pictures.
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Re: Model 10A reel and parts pictures
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 Very nice reel.